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Who Is Rescue Mission Restoration Outreach?

Rescue Mission Restoration Outreach Corp. (RMRO) is a South Florida-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to enhancing growth in underprivileged communities. Rescue Mission Restoration Outreach was founded on the belief that one of the most significant challenges we face in the world is poverty. We have made it our mission to help those in need by initiating and supporting Global Education, Health, Community Development, and Empowerment Programs that develop techniques for self-sufficiency. Our goal is to impact and improve the communities we serve substantially.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an array of programs, services, and activities that support and assist families to enhance their health and well-being and improve their quality of life.

Core Values

We act ethically through honesty, accountability, transparency, and fairness. We are committed to quality and excellence

A good non-profit provides needed services, becomes the voice for underrepresented individuals, families, and groups, creates opportunities for people to participate and volunteer, and pioneers solutions to significant problems worldwide.

We strive to provide more than just a temporary fix. Our goal is to empower the people we serve to achieve and maintain a better quality of life.

Change comes through connections, communication, creativity, and the community’s contribution.

We are kind, considerate, understanding, and concerned about the well-being of others.

Our Initiatives

Global Initiatives
Every human being should be able to enjoy a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being. However, good health is often overlooked in poverty areas due to the lack of money, proper healthcare facilities, sanitation, and adequate vaccination systems. 

Community Initiatives
Community development is another important initiative. Community development enables us to bring people together, help them identify the problems and needs which they share, and teach them how to respond to those problems.

Get Involved


The number can be overwhelming when we look at the statistics on poverty. Millions of people live on less than $2 a day. While poverty is indeed widespread, it is easy to forget how powerful our pocket change can be when pooled together. Your donation, big or small, will improve an individual's quality of life drastically

Become a volunteer

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to give back by helping people in some of the world’s poorest communities gain the skills they need to make a living and strengthen their education systems to improve their quality of life. As a volunteer, you will give back and do something genuinely fulfilling while gaining unforgettable experiences.

Pastor Julian Beck

President and Founder

Register as an event sponsor

As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the support from the community to raise funds to complete our missions. Your sponsorship will allow us to continue delivering hope to those in need. Together, we are their hope.




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10:00am - 01:00 pm

Food Drive

5110 Pembroke Rd
West Park, Florida 33021


Food Drive Fund Raiser

Help us support the community food drive to feed local families.